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The Dubrovno region is located in the south-east of the Vitebsk oblast. It borders on the Orsha region of the Vitebsk oblast, Gorki region of the Mogilev oblast of the Republic of Belarus, Rudnia and Krasnyi regions of the Smolensk oblast of the Russian Federation. The region was founded on July 17, 1924.

The regional centre, the town of Dubrovno, is located 90km away from Vitebsk and 230km – from Minsk. The railway service and highway connecting Moscow and Brest go through the region. The town has road communication with the towns of Orsha, Krasnyi, Smolensk and other places.

The area of the region is 1.3 thousand sq.km. Forests occupy 19% of the territory, agricultural lands – 62.6%.
Minerals: four loan deposits, peat and construction sand deposits.

The population is 19.1 thousand. The population of the town of Dubrovno is 8.8 thousand, that of Osintorf -950. The region comprises nine rural councils, 147 villages. 

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