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The agricultural industry of the region comprises ten agricultural producers' co-operatives and six unitary agricultural companies, Dubrovno productive affiliate of Orsha Bakery.

The agricultural producers of the region specialize in production of milk, meat, grain and flax.

With a view to implementing the state village revival programme for 2005-2010 the region has adopted the plan of construction of agro-towns

- 2005 – Svatoshitsy
- 2006 – Eremeevschina, Stanislavovo
- 2007 – Buda, Bobrovo, Sipischevo, Lyady
- 2008 – Kalinovka, Yakubovo, Chirino, Zaruby
- 2009– Rossasno, Dobrin, Lyakhovka, Dyatel
- 2010 – Osintrof, Orlovichi, Redki

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